Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 10: Internet is back, more stories

(Here are some tidbits for today! Internet finally works in our rooms)

Had a great visit at Ford Motors in Argentina today. I got to see cars and trucks on the assembly line being made at 2 cars per minute. Ford has been manufacturing cars and trucks in Argentina since 1913, unbelievable but true. They had a version of the focus Sarah and I may have considered if they were selling them outside of Latin America.

Another interesting tidbit is that cars and trucks in Latin America are primarily made to order. Argentines, in particular, don't have a lot of access to credit, so they pay cash for cars. Cars in the US are primarily pre-made in select models or packages.

We also went to Mercado Libre, the eBay of South America. The most curious part of that visit was to see how they addressed their customers. They felt that since South America was behind the technological times, many more of their customers are not very serious internet users. This requires more user education than in the US.

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