Sunday, March 7, 2010

Research writeups for the trip and additional visits!

Originally I was going to do research on the Central Bank of Chile, but that visit is still in limbo. I suspect that between the earthquake disaster and the shift of power from left to right (Bachelet to Pinera) they're a bit busy. So, I'll also be writing up a piece on Zang, Bergel & and Vines, a corporate law firm. More on this later...

The two new touristy trips are a visit Colonia de Sacremento or a possible soccer match in Argentina! Colonia de Sacremento is considered a must see, and hey: it's in Uruguay so that's three South American countries for nearly the price of two. We're not sure if we're going to go the match yet and we don't know who we're going to see. Possibly one of these two matches:

Sun 21: San Lorenzo vs Colon
Sun 21: Boca vs River


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