Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 4: Energy, Lagoons, and Chile

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On Day 4 we visited Enersis. This is the largest energy company in Chile. They used to provide end-to-end energy solutions: generation, transmission, and distribution. Now they've sold off the transmission portion of their company and focused on the generation and distribution. As you can imagine, the distribution of power provides the largest margins because they're selling to the end customer. Transmission is a long-term, low risk venture because you need to park money in transmission for 40-60 years to see a good return on investment. Stable, but not sexy.

We also visited the largest salt water man-made lagoon. There is a company with a set of technologies that makes it cost effective to have a very, very big swimming pool. A lagoon so large, you can sail on it. It's amazing, really amazing. Less environmentally impactful than a regular pool, consumes less energy/power, and cost less to run. You just have to visit their website to find out more:

I had an interesting side conversation on this day as well. A Chilean I was chatting with was critical of CORFO and felt they hadn't had any markable successes in technology. They also were lamenting the need for an extension campus or something in Chile. This would give Chile a leg-up and bring in more intellectual capital to generate more business.

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